About us


Macarons&Co : My philosophy

Macarons&Co would like to offer you a little bit and bite of French « Homemade Happiness » !

We are offering homemade French pastries such as french macarons, eclairs, cakes, meringues and other specialities.

I am a baking lover. The moments I really love is when I can see a beautiful smile on a person’s face or when I see their eyes closing at the moment they are biting into the pastry. In those few seconds, worries and concerns fly away and only simple happiness is here : the taste of ‘childhood’.

The reason I enjoy baking so much is very simple : to make people happy and give them a little bit (and bite) of sweetness in their life.


Who is Macarons&Co ?

Macarons&Co was created by Sabine Reche in 2017.

I originate from Lorraine, in the Northeast of France and was living in Grenoble (Rhône-Alpes) before coming to the US. Grenoble is a very nice city surrounded by the Alpes and is well known because it was the site of the 1968 Winter Olympic Games . I am a Nature lover and really appreciated living in the middle of the mountains.

Lorraine                                                                                                                             Grenoble


I have always loved cooking and baking. I inheritated my love of cooking from my mother who taught me the five most important ingredients of cooking :

  • great products
  • good recipes
  • good technique
  • patience
  • love

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2007. I could not imagine what I could bake without using wheat flour. I eventually realized I would have to reinvent the way I cook. I began to research about how to bake « gluten free » and about naturally Gluten Free recipes. I many many attempts before I found success.

This is also the time where I discovered my love for macarons. Macaron shells are naturally gluten free and are a high technical baking challenge… I had to try them ! And since this first try, I haven’t stopped baking them for my family, my friends, for special occasions or just to have fun.

This experience has made me aware of food allergies and forced me to push my baking limits. I continue to work on a new range of tasty products for people suffering from allergies.

My goal is to give you happiness in a simple bite.