Pastries Menu

I am using quality ingredients :

  • free range and local eggs from Rhodes Family Farm
  • european-style 83% fat butter
  • homemade roasted hazelnut flour
  • Valrhona cocoa powder
  • real vanilla beans
  • organic milk, heavy cream, coconut, lemons, buckwheat flour

All of these for the benefit of good receipes. All my receipes are made from scratch.


The kitchen I am using is not a strict allergens free kitchen and even gluten free/dairy free/nut free… products may contain trace of them. I want to be sure customers are aware of that. Of course, I make a point to maintain a clean environment and to use special kitchen tools but it might still have traces of allergens.


Macarons are French pastry delivering the essence of a dessert in a single bite.

These hand-crafted, colorful delicacies have an almond paste-meringue shell encapsulating an intense burst of flavor at the heart of it. Each macaron is a treat to eat and a nice combination of flavors that makes an elegant and thoughtful gift.

What are you waiting for ? You’re eating a tasty delicate cloud-like pastry, after all. That’s perfection enough !

  • Flavors :

Valrhona Chocolate               Vanilla Bean

Salted Butter Caramel         Banana/Rhum/Caramel

Pralin (Hazelnut)                     Passion fruit

Raspberry                                    Coffee

Lemon                                            Coconut

  • Allergen information : French Macaron shells are naturally gluten-free since they are made with almond flour, sugar and egg whites. I also make a point to have gluten free ganache filling.
  • Shelf life : Macarons are best if consumed within four days of purchase. They should be refrigerated because of the ganache filling. They are best if removed from the refrigerator 30 minutes to one hour before eating.

You can make-your-own-box or ask me for an assortment of flavors !


Choux dough pastries

Choux pastry is a light, crispy and airy pastry which seems to be magical when you see it puff up like a balloon in the oven ! Choux dough is the base of various French pastries including choux, éclairs, religieuses, chouquettes… Let the indulging begin !

  • Allergen information : Choux dough pastries are naturally nut free (except for the pralin éclair) but contains gluten, eggs and dairy.


  • Eclairs

Eclairs are oblong pastries made with a choux dough, filled with crème patissière and topped with icing or craquelin (crackled sugar).

  • Flavors :

Vanilla Bean

Dark chocolate




  • Shelf life : Eclairs are best if consumed within 1 or 2 days after buying them. They should be refrigerated because of the cream filling.


  • Chouquettes


Chouquettes are small, round choux pastries sprinkled with pearl sugar. They are named as a diminutive of « choux » : something cute and small. It was one of my favorite childhood’s treat !

    • Shelf life : Chouquettes are amazing when consumed the day they are made but you can keep them a few days.




Meringues are cloud-like, sweet confections. They are magical. They melt in your mouth. The fluffy texture makes them a decadent reminder of a treat from childhood.

  • Allergen information : Meringues are naturally gluten free, dairy free and nut free.
  • Shelf life : Meringues can be consumed for three weeks from the time of preparation if kept in a dry area.


Sablés Bretons (Butter Cookies)

Sablés bretons are buttery cookies that came from Brittany,which is in the West part of France (where Sabine’s husband is from).

In Brittany, butter is not only an ingredient, it’s a religion, a way of life.

Brittany people say :  « With butter, life is always better ! » Brittany people say.

Delicious cookies which you eat without having to be hungry and are absolutly perfect with a cup of tea or coffee or as a treat during a long day of work ! Crunchy, with a very good taste of butter, these cookies are simply delightful !

  • Allergen information : Sablés bretons are naturally nut free but contain gluten, eggs and dairy.
  • Shelf life : Sablés bretons can be consumed for 2 weeks from the time of preparation if kept in a dry area.


Spéculoos (Cinnamon Cookies)

Spéculoos are cinnamon cookies that came from the North/North-East part of France, Belgium, Germany and Netherland.

These cookies are very often served with a cup of tea or coffee in France.

The mariage of a crunchy texture with a taste and smell of cinnamon give a perfect cozy feeling !

  • Allergen information : Spéculos are naturally nut free but contain gluten,eggs and dairy.
  • Shelf life : Spéculos can be consumed for 2 weeks from the time of preparation if kept in a dry area.


Hazelnut Cake

 This is a very smooth and melty cake with a high hazelnut flavor.

I make a point to make my own roasted hazelnut flour using raw hazelnuts to have a very tasty product. This makes a huge difference and make it a delightful cake ! (Perfect to eat with a square of dark chocolate or with a cup of coffee/tea)

  • Allergen information : I make a point to make this Hazelnut Cake gluten free. This cake contains nut, eggs and dairy.
  • Shelf life : More than a week but I don’t think you will still have some after a week.


Nantais Cake: Almond/Hazelnut/Rum Cake

 Yummmm ! the Nantais Cake…. A real culinary happiness !

This cake is mainly made of almond powder, home-made roasted hazelnut flour and butter… with a small amount of rum. All these ingredients make a very nice combination ! Very delicate, soft and smooth.

The sugar/rum glaze adds a little something that, I am sure, you will like ! It is a nice treat for desert or for a tea/coffee break.

  • Allergen information : This cake receipe was changed to be a gluten free cake. This cake contains nut, eggs and dairy.
  • Shelf life :  More than a week but I don’t think you will still have some after a week.


French crêpes

Crêpes are very thin and delightful pastries that came from the West part of France : Brittany (Yes, Again !) They are so good because it is the perfect balance between softness and crunchiness.

I am offering 3 different types of crêpes:

  • Savory buckwheat crêpes (naturally Gluten Free)
  • Regular sweet crêpes
  • Gluten-free sweet crêpes

Want more ? Hazelnut and chocolate spread, jam, honey, sugar, butter…for the sweets ones or cheese, ham, eggs, vegetables… for the savory ones….

Everything you want can be added on crêpes to make them even more delightful !

  • Allergen information : French Crêpes are naturally nut free but contain dairy.
  • Shelf life :  You can keep them refregirated for a better taste and texture.